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Workout of the Day

  3,2,1 Go!

Monthly Archives: June 2013


12:30pm TC2 Reverse Rows/Hold at the top Wall Balls Burpee with Med Ball Slam Sled Push/Pull Push Up with Box Jump Foot Ladder One Arm Kettle Bell Swing Round 1: After each 1 minute station: 5 Burpees Round 2: After … Continue reading

Posted in CrossFit, WOD | Comments Off on 06.28.2013


6:30am TC2 Mountain Climbers Burpees/1 leg Burpees Ski Jumps/Reverse Lunge Push Ups/Push Up with Rotation Squat Jumps Side Shuffle Between each Station: Jumping Jacks (timed) Between C1, C2: stairs/suicides (1 minute each) Between C2,C3: bear crawls/stairs (1 minute each) After C3: … Continue reading

Posted in Run, WOD | Comments Off on 06.10.2013


6:35 am 30 min run along Rideau Canal                   1 set of stairs 2 up 1 down (repeat to top)

Posted in CrossFit, Run, Stairs | Comments Off on 06.05.2013